What’s New: A Brief Update

It’s been about three years since my last post, so I decided I should post an update. About three years ago I decided to start an e-commerce store where I would sell items, mainly coffee mugs, using artwork based on my photography (all the art is my own design). The website is mug-shoppe.com if anyone is interested checking out, or even purchasing, coffee mugs or other items. In light the current world situation (COVID-19) I’ve tried to keep shipping as low as possible, even free for some items.

Here is a video I put together two years ago that showcases the owl, hummingbird, and cardinal coffee mugs.

A promotional video of JD's Mug Shoppe's owl, hummingbird, and cardinal coffee mugs.
Design Ideas with pencil and paper

Experimenting with a new Layout/Theme

I am going to work with Bootstrap (a popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework) and/or Boilerplate to develop a new theme. If I like the results I will incorporate them into my proper website to move aaway from the stock WordPress look. I like the minimalist black and white scheme I’m using now so most of the changes will be in the layout and typography.


After looking through some themes I realise the “sparkling” theme from Colorlib is the basic layout I had in mind so I will use it as a child theme and make modifications. I have already switched over to the basic theme.


I’ve changed the header colour to the same red the default scheme uses for links and accents and I’ve changed the header font to “Merriweather” from Google fonts. I also added a logo in place of the website name but it’s placement looked strange and while it looked good in Adobe Illustrator it did not look good on the website so back to the drawing board.


I’ve added a slider to the homepage and changed the accent colour to blue. I also made white the predominant colour of the website. Until I have a satisfactory logo design I am using an italic, handwritten style font for my website logo. I feel it adds a nice bit of contrast and casualness compared to the other font styles.

Thank you,