Cinema history, Star Wars infographic

History of Cinema Infograph

A movie info graphic showing how hero's have always been instantly great.
An info graphic showing hollywood hero’s have always been instantly great.


I thought the Star Wars: The Force Awakens was an enjoyable, if flawed movie. My rating is around 8 out of 10. What really annoys me are the complaints that Rey is a “Mary Sue” (she’s perfect at everything, beats Kylo Ren, etc.). On one hand it is a slight flaw in the movie, on the other hand male characters have had uber quick learning abilities for at least a century. If someone is only noticing this phenomenon now because Rey is a woman that is a bit troubling.

I put a few movies on this graph that share the same “problem” as Force Awakens and just so everyone knows: I like all these films. The 2009 Star Trek reboot has the worst case of this trope since Captain Kirk never really grows through the course of the movie, a problem the filmmakers tried addressing in the less successful follow up Star Trek: Into Darkness.